CaSFCC Committees

Five committees provide guidance to the Core Group and the executive director.  The committees, and the individuals who chair them, are listed below:

Goals | Policy Committee
Monitors and sets objectives toward the mission and goals of the Collaborative

Deployment Committee
Evaluates and monitors market developments, and identifies policy options for consideration by the Goals and Policy Committee

Joe Impullitti
South Coast Air Quality Management District
909-396-2025 or

Transportation Interface Committee
Working closely with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, investigates new initiatives that would integrate mobile and stationary fuel cell technologies

Scott Samuelsen
Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center
(949) 824-5468 or

Outreach Committee
Develops and implements outreach activities in support of the collaborative mission

Will Decker
National Fuel Cell Research Center
(949) 824-1999 Ext. 11-130 or

Technical Committee
Identifies and addresses key technical challenges associated with stationary fuel cell deployment for distributed generation in California

Jack Brouwer
National Fuel Cell Research Center
(949) 824-1999 Ext. 221 or


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