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Dec. 5, 2006
Another First for California: Fuel Cell to Light Holiday Tree at State Capitol
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Sept. 8, 2006
ARB Branch Chief to Serve as Acting Executive Director for Fuel Cell Collaborative
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April 27, 2006
ARB Chairman to Co-Chair the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative
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Sept. 16, 2005
Cal/EPA Revitalizes Collaborative to Encourage Use of Fuel Cell Technology
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Dec. 13, 2005
Fuel Cell, Energy Efficient Lights Allow Cal/EPA Christmas Trees To Operate “Off the Grid”
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Nov. 24, 2003
Air Board Chairman Receives Hydrogen Award
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June 27, 2001
Fuel Cell Electricity to be Encouraged
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Sept. 15, 1998
ARB to Receive Fuel Cell Unit
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